This is a new shop started in June,  my friend told me to go see Joebey the shop manager at LindenVille after I scrapped my car fender when I went camping with my family the past July 4 weekend.  Joebey assured me that he will contact my insurance company and take care of all the paper work.  I left the car with the shop and in one week I got my car back minus the big dent and clean.  I am amazed how good they are with paint matching and how quickly they got it done

Kevin C.

They did a great job. My 2001 Nissan Frontier look like new inside and out. Even made new head lights regain there luster for no extra charge. I would highly recommend LindenVille Auto body……Joebey G. the general manager was very professional and helpful. Great customer service.

Catherine F.

I had my car repaired here twice. They did a good job doing the repair, even check all the parts that was broken as well as helping me to repair it. As far as the condition when it goes back, you can’t believe how it was like a new car. The guy (Joeby) also offered me if i needed some help with my car after the repair. ( how nice a body shop would offer a job till the job well done even afterwards ). The price is also awesome.  it is how it suppose to be, even they offer you cheaper price, at least in my experience, while comparing to the others ( what i asked ).

Patrick K.

Just picked up my car from a terrific detail. It has not been this clean in years! It took 3.5 hours, which was way less than I expected. They even gave me a ride to BART when I dropped off the car. I will definitely go back and recommend this place to my friends.

Carla K

LindenVille Auto Body is rad, totally friendly and helpful. Had a dead battery and were nice enough to charge it for free. thanks Joebey, keep on doing your thing man

Sean L.

My RAV4 got hit from the back so I bought it to this shop recommended by my friend. The manager Joebey spent some good time explaining to me what needed to be done, and he shows me he can finish up the job in a professional manner.  He did a great job on repairing the body in a timely manner.

Eric C.

Great work. Spotless paint job and detailing at incredible price. I started using their service way before they opened this shop. My friend told me about this place 7 years ago when shop was in Alameda and I got a price way lower than everywhere else for a full repaint on my Toyota. They also found the cause of my wheel wobbling problem was a bad linkage instead of aged shocks like what I was told everywhere else. Got it fixed using genuine parts for $45, labor is free. Since then I became a loyal customer and over the years I have used their service for more than 10 times already. I will highly recommend this place and just pick up the phone and call. Send in a picture using a text message and get a quick estimate

Kenneth V.

I got rear ended, and took my car here because my parents have gone here before. It took a little time to get the car back, but the work was flawless! I got my car back and it looked like it was brand new!

Clarissa M.

Had a bad accident on the freeway and had to fly overseas for work for 2-weeks. They were nice enough to understand and keep the vehicle for several weeks without charging me a fee.  Thank you very much for the consideration and time!

Otoo N.

Brought in my 2007 Toyota Corolla to have the paint restored. I thought I had to get a new paint job based on the clear coat and the condition of the paint (black tar, little bits of sand in the paint where I could not scrub out, swirl marks, faded clear coat, etc). Instead the owner recommended a detail job. After the detail, the paint and finish was like new. Day and night from the condition of when I brought in the car. Amazing work!

Wilson L